A note from PNNC President…

Greetings: Happy spring! It’s getting beautiful here again in the Pacific Northwest. The sunshine is out and our days are longer leaving more time to do things with our amazing Newfs. Covid restrictions seem to be easing up and we are eager to safely resume some…

Regional Specialty (2021)

Sponsor a Trophy It’s time for your opportunity to sponsor a trophy (or trophies) for our regional specialties.  What a bargain – you get to be a sponsor for both the June and July specialties by picking trophies you want…

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Late Breaking!!!

Sponsor a trophy for the regional specialty.

There’s still trophies available to sponsor. See list Here. Send checks payable to PNNC to Jeanette.

Rose City Classic: Premium List Coming soon!

PNNC FUN DAY Pictures It was great seeing everyone at the Fun Walk today! Here’s a link to pictures.