A note from PNNC President…

As I write this, the sun is shining through the window revealing the start of something very special in the Pacific Northwest – it is called spring!  It feels so long since I’ve been able to walk outside in a T-shirt, and oh yeah – where did I place my sun glasses?  I have a long list of ideas for this year, as I’m sure most of you do too.  Take note of the start of this season and set your sights on being with your families and Newfs and on creating lasting memories. Here’s a thought to ponder…

We go through the days caring for our dogs, but did you ever stop to think: Is it truly a partnership?  For every effort you direct to them, they pay it back to you in so many small ways.  Today, I was outside with my dog harnessed to her cart.  It was spectacular to watch all the things around us going on that she–not I–was causing.  Cars slowed to watch, fingers pointed toward us, and people stopped to take a picture.  Strangers came up to share their past stories of life with a Newf.  Children asked to pet the bear.  Can you think of anything that affects people in such a special way besides a Newf at your side?  I feel very lucky to have my Newfie.

We have lots of opportunities to share with our dogs this year.  My hope is that you will use PNNC to help make them happen.  Set aside time to think about what makes your dog’s day.  These are our partners–the ones who know us best–so make sure to repay them for all the gifts they give us.

Brian Smith, 2018 PNNC President

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