A note from PNNC President…

I hope you and your families are all doing well.  This season is a great time to get out with your dogs and just enjoy being with each other.  Whether it’s a walk in the neighborhood, a car trip to get groceries, or a vacation to some exciting new place, there are tons of opportunities for Newf sharing with others.  I’m amazed at how our dogs attract so much interest from kids and adults alike.

Summer is also a busy time if you swim your dogs and are training for a water test.  Most Newfs I’ve met love the water and with a little help from you they are able to swim with you and for you.  The PNNC water test is scheduled for Sept 16, 17 and is a great way to learn about working titles if you’ve never tried it before.  It’s also a great way to meet your club members, and a good opportunity to visit with folks from other clubs.  Usually about half our test entrants are from out of town.  Always fun to see what’s new with them and seeing their Newfs advancing through the levels.  Contact Jackie or Edie if you are interested in volunteering for this event, and the Premium is on the website if you still need to enter.

September is the month to assemble an election committee to generate the list of officers for the upcoming year.  I encourage all, if you have any interest, to please ask to be on the committee, or to even submit your name for being a candidate on the club board by notifying Jackie.

Our next meeting is in November – watch for the reminders on time and place.  If you want to help make decisions and offer ideas for the club, it’s a great opportunity for you to get more involved.

Lastly, be safe in the summer heat.  I recommend that you have at least 12 oz of water for each person traveling in your car should you find yourself with car trouble, or in a long unexpected traffic tie-up.  This goes for your dogs too.  They need care against overheat / dehydration and of course, never leave your dogs in a closed up car when it’s hot.  I’ve had good luck with a vent lock that opens the back door while keeping it locked.  Here’s a link to check it out if you are interested. http://www.ventlock.com/ 

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