A note from PNNC President…

Greetings to all PNNC members.  I hope this past year brought you fond memories with your Newfs, great stories to share with members and friends, and inspiration for more great activities with your dogs.  We never know what the year will bring, but one thing is for sure – your furry friend looks forward to you each and every day.  I’m greeted at least four times a day with tail thumps, nose nudges, and moans/songs/barks.  It’s fun to have such a positive interaction with a dog.  I’ve always said a Newf is a person locked in a dog’s body.  It amazes me to see dogs sort out thoughts and make choices (sometimes not always the right ones).  That’s the joy in training —  offering direction to satisfy our goal or purpose and building teamwork with our dog. 

 Even though winter is around the corner, this doesn’t mean hibernation on training (or grooming – ugh).  Our Newfs were built for winter, so make sure to adjust training or walks and think of a snow day in your future.   Keeping our guys active and fit leads to lots of benefits and keeps the learning going.   Now is a good time to set goals for 2019 activities, whether that includes our Regional Specialty in January, Draft test in May, or Water test in Sept, look for ways to participate as a steward, committee member, volunteer, etc. to see ways to become more involved and engage with Newfs.

Happy Holidays to you all.

Brian Smith

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