A note from PNNC President…

 Happy Newf Year! 

  Without a doubt 2020 has been one wild ride!  I hope that you are all doing well. COVID-19 caused a great deal of uncertainty, fear and brought about many changes in how both the club and we all navigate our daily lives.  Let’s be honest, it has been downright disruptive!   

 Despite all the challenges COVID-19 presented, PNNC was able to accomplish more than anticipated.  Here are some of the high points from 2020:  

  • In January we held a successful 2020 Regional Specialty. Congratulations once again to all the winners!
  • We had several club members who are AKC Trick Dog Evaluators graciously offer to do evaluations via video submission throughout the year. If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend doing so. Kennedy and I just had a blast working towards our titles. 
  • In June we were able to hold a great Water Seminar with our Northern California friends, John Pearson and Lori Littleford. 
  • We were lucky to have been able to continue to enjoy water practices throughout most of the summer season. A club member designed an adorable 2020 water season t shirt offered for purchase. Although it was disappointing to have our test canceled at the last minute, the Water Test Committee worked very hard at organizing what would have undoubtedly been an awesome test!  
  • We updated the club logo to be more compatible with our needs and were excited to be able to order some new club merchandise.  I’m happy to report that we have already sold a good portion even without a venue to sell them in! Thank you for your support! 
  • Two Draft Seminars were held that offered a great source of information and help to those getting started in draft work and those working out any kinks.  Thanks to the quick thinking of our draft test chairperson we were able to re-schedule our Spring Draft Test for Fall and held successful, fun and safe NCA and All Breed BDD/DD/DDX Draft Test(s). Congratulations again to all the qualifying teams! 
  • We finished out the year by adding some extra holiday cheer with a Secret Santa gift exchange which seemed to be a big hit! 

  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the 2020 Board and Committee members for their hard work over the past year. Thank you to all the club members who volunteered and dedicated their time, energy and creativity to offer seminars, practices and services.  Thank you to the Administrators of our Facebook page for your time and hard work.   It takes an extraordinary amount of time, planning, organization, energy and people to be able to offer these events; without you it would not be possible. Thinking back over the year and the difficulties that we faced, one belief that has been reinforced in my mind is how resilient people are and what a special group of people make up PNNC.  Despite the challenges, I have seen so much positivity and patience within this club.  I’ve loved seeing your smiling faces at the events we were able to have and seeing how we support, encourage and empathize with one another, even if it’s on Facebook or via Zoom!  Personally, you’ve made me smile and laugh by sharing what antics your dogs are up to and posting adorable photos and videos! 

  Moving forward, I continue to be hopeful that we will see improvement, that there will be healing and that things begin to return to some sort of normal.   The 2021 board will be meeting soon to come up with a tentative schedule for the year. Be sure to check out our Website and Facebook page for updates!  We will plan for the best but also be prepared to be creative and to improvise and adapt as we go.   Hang in there, be sure to enjoy your amazing dogs and I hope to see you soon!  

Frankies First Snow!


Amy Canzano

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